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SB - Alberaccio

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albesb128This section of the Sentiero delle Burraie begins in the area just up from the Croci of Alberaccio pass. Translated by Brad Griffith.

alberaccio The elevation profile of this section shows a length of approximately 9 km (5.5 mi) and a variance in altitude of about 550 m.
The walking time is approximately 3 hours without stops. The trail is suitable for all seasons.

Notable sites:
Meadows, low altitude beech forests
Burraia di Caprile
Burraia di Peretola
Burraia di Nannarino
Sanctuary of M. del Sasso
Castelluccio Spring
Villa La Rochetta
Burraia la Rocchetta

The trail follows the direction: Alberaccio – 00 – Poggio Ripaghera – 2 - Santuario Sasso – 8 – Alberaccio  





You can download a complete map of the Sentiero delle Burraie in .pdf format, divided into 6 pages (A4 format), and print them at home (also works in black and white). For this trail, use sheets: A30 – B30 (only the brief first part requires B20). Of course, it would be better to keep with you the beautiful Map Guide of the Sentiero delle Burraie (made by SELCA), available at the Visitor Center of the ANPIL at the Santuario del Sasso or from the Office of Public Relations of the Commune of Pontassieve.